Polar Fleece
Polar fleece fabrics provide a number of benefits, including being soft and cozy to wear. Additionally, they are lightweight and quite warm. In addition to being incredibly breathable, even when wet, the items are fleece, which makes it perfect for sports events.

lycra fabric
With our lycra fabric, you get comfort, mobility, and form retention that lasts through washing. Due to their four-way stretch, these materials are ideal for ethnic wear like empire-waist suits and form-fitting tunics. Leggings made of these materials are commonly used.

T-Shirt Fabric
Would you choose to wear an uncomfortable, grating, or too-tight t-shirt? Because they are sturdy and wrinkle-resistant, these t-shirt fabrics offer a great alternative for t-shirts.  These materials have a rapid drying time and retain printed patterns effectively.

NS fabrics
Our NS fabrics, the primary sportswear woven fabric used today, are offered in plain weave and a variety of colors. They are appropriate for use in shorts, track pants, sports jackets, and other garments because they have a nice fabric flow, a pleasant feel, and are breathable.

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