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T-Shirt Fabric

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Sole Jacquard Fabric

Price: 200 INR

The weave of jacquard finds its history in brocade. As far back as 4th century Byzantium, linens and wools were being woven into complex patterns to form beautiful fabrics. With the import of silk weaving around the 6th century, brocade became as luxurious to the touch as it was to the eyes. Byzantine craftsmen began to weave silk into brocades, damasks, and tapestry-like fabrics, suitable for even a king.

Product Image (42241)

Kangaroo Jacquard

  • Material:polyester
  • Length:58"60" Inch (in)
  • Size:58"/60"
  • Color:multiple color
Product Image (ss/01/f)

Lycra Mesh Fabric

  • Attributes:Light in Weight
  • Color:Black
  • Style:Plain
  • Material:Polyester
  • Pattern:Plain, Mesh
  • Texture:Plain
  • Width:58x60 Yard

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